RESOLUTION – Promoting peace through interfaith and intercultural activism

Motion 0722

General Assembly – August 26, 2022

Name of Individual Submitting Policy:

Olaf Stando (EUJS Board Member)

EUJS believes:

  1. Brokering and developing diplomatic relations is key to advancing the quest for self-determination for peoples and nations.
  2. The Abraham Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain recognises the importance of diplomacy and was an important step in strengthening peace in the Middle East, while respecting the right for fundamental freedoms, such as the freedom of religion.
  3. While diplomacy on the top level is of paramount importance, students, activists and ordinary citizens can also have a key part to play in improving relations between peoples, cultures and religions.
  4. Interfaith and intercultural conferences, exchange programmes and cultural events are an important way of bonding communities, breaking stereotypes and fostering understanding.
  5. If sustained and done at a large scale, this can also help to build momentum on the front of diplomatic relations.

EUJS resolves to:

  1. To commend the Abraham Accords as a landmark achievement in diplomacy, paving the way for a more peaceful Middle East and improved cross-cultural relations.
  2.  To encourage efforts to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue in order to advance a culture of peace and cooperation, with religions but also with marginalized groups such as the Romani people.
  3.  To explore the creation of a new EUJS programme focused on interfaith and intercultural cooperation, such as interfaith delegations, educational trips or student exchanges.
  4.  To continue developing efforts, working together with other minority groups, to promote fundamental human rights for all and the common values of peace, equality and solidarity.