Union des Étudiants Juifs de Belgique (UEJB)

Gad Des Hayes & Gabrielle Piorka

After the Second World War, about fifty young Belgian Jews founded the Union of Jewish Students of Belgium (UEJB). In Brussels, from September 1945 to September 1947, they set up the Committee of the Union of Jewish Students of Belgium and the European Committee of the World Union of Jewish Students. In the years that followed, many young people joined the ranks of UEJB.

Seventy years later, UEJB is still a free and dynamic organization representing its members and the Jewish youth. Our union provides assistance to young Jews studying in Belgium, organizes numerous cultural activities (university conferences, publication of a magazine, debates, sharing of Jewish culture), recreational activities (drinks, annual ball, etc.) and militant activities by fighting against antisemitism and the propagation of negationist ideas as well as against all forms of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, validism, sexism, classism and more generally exclusion.

UEJB also aims to develop the personal responsibilities and skills of its members, Jews and non-Jews, in order to help them become responsible, active, critical and supportive citizens. The union also offers training and support to all those who wish to do so.

UEJB pursues these objectives according to its axes: the duty of memory, the fight against racism and antisemitism, the Jewish identity, the support to students and the creation of meeting places, as well as the relations with its international partners.