EUJS Climate Action

In October, as hundreds of world leaders and thousands of activists and delegates, EUJS travelled to Glasgow for the UN Climate Conference, COP26, young Jews in 21 cities from 16 countries across Europe took a stand for our shared future. We called for meaningful action to be taken in order to reduce the effects of climate change, in limiting the levels of global warming to 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels. 

EUJS has coordinated the largest-ever, pan-European, Jewish climate action as young Jews from Glasgow to Larissa and from Lisbon to Vilnius took to the streets to present a unified message:

“The care and preservation of the environment are intrinsic to our Jewish values and we, as communities in Europe and beyond, must be more engaged and proactive on this issue! …in speaking to the world leaders who are gathered at COP26, we urge you: be bold, be ambitious and act now; for our shared future.”

EUJS collaborated with our member unions and partners in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Cardiff, Geneva, Glasgow, the Hague, Heidelberg, Larissa, Lisbon, London, Maastricht, Milan, Prague, Sallanches, Savona, Stuttgart, Vienna, Vilnius, Warsaw and Zagreb. And so launched our Climate Action – #ForOurSharedFuture – as a call for action from world leaders, as well as Jewish communities to join us in increasing our tangible collective engagement towards combating the ongoing climate crisis.


As over 100 world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), EUJS was represented by our Vice-President Ilan Selby. Over the course of our presence at the conference, we took part in a number of important meetings and discussions, including with European Commission Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans as well as other youth organisations. 

Being a part of this global conference was incredibly important for EUJS and has enabled us to make new contacts and connections with activists and organisations taking an active role in seeking to pursue Climate Justice!